Social Networking With Motorola Defy+

Motorola is no weakling in the terms of their smartphones. If you think DEFY was an accomplishment, wait until you get your hands on the Motorola DEFY+. The shining qualities of DEFY+ are its web-browsing and social networking features that the savvy and evolving Motorola users are looking for. This is the phone for people want to stay connected whenever and wherever they may be. Owners of DEFY+ will be envied by many because of the phone’s water-resistant and scratch-resistant properties. It also has a dustproof design. The phone can endure surprise rain showers, trips outdoors where the weather is unpredictable, and parties where one forgets how to properly handle a phone when alcohol gets the best of him. It can even be taken out for a jog, especially with its built-in CardioTrainer application. Needless to say, Motorola built DEFY+ with all universal needs and demands in mind.

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